USS Cavalla

Journey to Galveston

Reprinted from Sea Classics magazine, article by John T. Chapin

USS Cavalla: Luckiest Submarine in the Fleet
A review of Cavalla's WWII history and an extensive account of her journey to Galveston as a memorial submarine.

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18 September, 1978

Two Cavallas(Excerpt from Galveston Newspaper)
History was made in Texas on 18 September, 1978. At 1415 hours, two submarines with the same name "crossed bows", a first in U.S. Naval history. USS CAVALLA (SSN 684), while entering the port of Galveston, crossed the bow of USS CAVALLA (SS 244) at its Seawolf Memorial Park site. The crew of CAVALLA (SSN 684) manned the rails in salute as they passed by.  Texas State Commander Jim Wood led members of the Texas Seawold Chapter and 100 NJROTC cadets from Houston's Smiley High School in a return salute to the nuclear powered CAVALLA. Both CAVALLA'S were built by the Electric Boat Company of Groton, Connecticut.


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