Cavalla Crew Interview

George Horne


George Horne EM/3 SS 1957 -1958              

My self and Carl Chace reported aboard Cavalla from sub. school in the spring of 1957 ,worked on the deck crew then EM strikers. We both came from the same small town in New Hampshire, enlisted together, boot camp, sub. school and Cavalla. I served with Jeff Coat ,Roten ( A ) Rash, Sidemeat, Chief Dickens, Chief Gus Laird, Ronnie Hall, Bill Scapper, Sully Sullivan Too name a Few. I reported aboard just before Capt. Hayes left and Capt Fitch assumed command.   I made two barrier patrols in north Atlantic, one while mess cooking,. Went to EM school Aug. 1957 then back to Cavalla as EM striker. Went to Portsmouth to replace main motor flooded out with a freeze plug out ( cold weather bill), below decks watch was busted for not checking the bilges. Made trips to Bermuda Havana Cuba and operated out of Key West for a short time. I remember the old World War Two guys war stores when I first went aboard. I left Cavalla for the Albacore AGSS 569 in June of 1958 where I finished my  enlistment.  I have fond memories of my time on Cavalla.           

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