Really bad news

Posted by Neal Stevens on October 06, 1998 at 18:03:38:

In a sudden and unexpected reversal, the Galveston Parks
Board is ready to abandon the USS Cavalla. Gene Lucas asked whether the World War
II vessels (Cavalla and destroyer escort Stewart) should not be removed. "What would it take to
get rid of those ships
and convert that space to an RV park?"

Lou Muller, director, suggested that a covered pavilion to honor veterans would be more appropriate.
"The ships were moneymakers in the past, but no longer attract many visitors."

Counsultant Bob Randall said, "From a risk management point of view, I'd say get rid of them."

"Those things ought to be retired," said Joe Jaworski, keenly noting that their
popularity was before IMAX theaters and other attractions were available for young people. Randall suggested they be used
as artificial reefs for fishing.

From the remarks above, it's clear that the Parks Board has no further use for Cavalla, despite recent
assurances that she was going to get a moderate renovation. In twenty-six years, Cavalla never received any upkeep or
serious attention. The same paper signs that were hung in 1972 still identify her compartments. Galveston has milked her
for all she could give, now in serious disrepair and neglected, she no longer can bring in the cash. As in Galveston's past, anything that
doesn't have a dollar sign attached doesn't have a chance. It's ironic that Cavalla was compared with IMAX theaters, renown for
stunning recreations of historical events. If the Parks Board has their way, Seawolf Park will become
a third-rate trailer park and young people will go to IMAX theater to learn about history instead of
having a chance to see it in tangible form, firsthand.

So now a pavilion will stand in the might fighter's place. Hey, while they're at it, maybe they can add a Coke machine with a plaque to honor the men and women who gave their lives
in the defense of freedom!